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Helpdesk > Booking our Service > Steps in ordering website services

Steps in ordering website services

1. Contact easily WebtoGo via call, text ,email or simply filling up the request for quote form. Our sales specialist will call you to listen to your web requirements.

2.  After finalizing the web solution, the sales specialist will quote a price for your customization work and set timelines for the work to be done.

3. You have to pay before we start working on your project. The price for the order will include the design, customization, technical and maintenance works.

4. The WebtoGo team will send you the quotation for approval. The quote includes the tasks, timelines, terms of payment and agreed output.  By signing the conforme, you signify approval and that the project can begin. 

5. You may pay the quoted amount through the bank or Paypal.  

6. You will be able to view the customization work through the sample works that we will email you. Any alterations will require separate quote in the middle of the work might cause a delay in the agreed delivery schedule.  

7. After all the specifications have been delivered, you will sign an acknowledgement receipt before sign-off.

Contact us anytime if you have great ideas that need to be implemented over the web.