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WebToGo Guarantee Clause

WebToGo guarantees to deliver a live 10 pages website within 10 days.

We understand that you do not want any opportunities lost because of any absence in the internet - your most powerful tool in letting the world know that you exist.

 You also want them to know that you can add value to your clients' and prospects' business ASAP.

 As your partner, we understand the meaning of valuable time on your end and that speed of delivery is one of the reasons why you chose us.

 For us to handle expectations, we have listed the parameters of the WebToGo's Guarantee Clause.

The counting of days starts from the time you
   sign the conforme and
·   select the design template (if we will go with templates) and  
·   provide the necessary materials for uploading  and
·   submit 50% of downpayment of the contract price.  

 Delays will be inevitable if you 
·   approve the designs more than 48 hours.
·   schedule an onsite photoshoot outside Metro Manila.
·   will delegate the decision making to someone.

 Acceleration of service delivery will be experienced  if both of us
·   communicate via email, cellphone and chats.
·   stick to the scope of the project.
·   understand that revisions that we can work on are based on the agreed specifications of the project.

We  are excited to help you in your website development. We are confident that your positive experience of speedy delivery will be the start of a long term partnership.