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The social media has a wide reach and this makes it a perfect avenue for establishing a strong presence for your website.  Since Facebook is one of the more popular social networking sites that we have today, WebToGo is offering a service for creating custom Facebook business page designs to better integrate Facebook into your company’s online marketing program.

Services Offered:

Campaign Consultation

If you have been planning to have a Facebook business page for your company, chances are, you already have a rough sketch of what you want it to be.  These ideas may range from the look and feel of the page, its interactive features and even the other functionalities that you want to incorporate in it.  But before jumping into the frontline and going ahead with your ideas, you should first consult your Facebook campaign with our team.

 We can discuss in detail the specific social media campaign that you want for your business.  This way, you can understand the potentials and the limitations at length.  Our professional recommendations will help you as you turn your vague Facebook business page ideas into a more cohesive campaign plan.

Custom Facebook Page Design

Almost everybody has a Facebook account.  And because Facebook is very popular and easily accessible, it is has become a widely-used vehicle for exploring corporate networks.  The current trend in businesses today is for a company to have its own Facebook page.  In reality, anybody can create a Facebook page, but to customize a Facebook business page according to the specific needs of your business, that is a different story.  For such specialized services, you would need a service provider to come up with a custom Facebook business page for your business.

At WebToGo, we create customized designs that would suit your preferences in every way.  On top of providing modern and trendy designs, we also offer a number of functionalities that would work best for your business.  These functionalities would make your business page on Facebook gain more ‘likes”, while keeping it more unique and perfectly aligned with the brand and identity of your company.    

Do you want to see your website on Facebook?  We’re here to help you with your Facebook business page!