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A person who is on the lookout for a specific product or service is not likely to consult the yellow pages.  Rather, he or she will search for it on the internet.  Because more and more people are relying on the internet for a wide array of products and services, it is necessary for a business owner to have a website.  But then again, what good would your website do if it does not rank at the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing?

At WebToGo, we follow a specific process to make sure that your website will appear on the first page of major search engines.  This process is comprised of various search engine optimizations’ tools and techniques:

1.  Keyword research

With close coordination with client, we come up with a list of keywords that would best describe the nature of the client’s business, the products and services that it offers and even the slogan that it uses.  The effectiveness of these keywords is checked by our SEO team through an online keyword search tool.  The keywords with high local searches are used as SEO keywords.  

2.  HTML META tags programming

Upon checking the effectiveness of submitted keywords through an online keyword search tool, our team will program the SEO keywords into the WebToGo Content Management System (CMS).  This process is a sure fire way to help create website traffic for the client’s website.   

3.  Link submission

We maintain a good standing with our own list of link submission sites.  These industry-related directories are where we give the website URL of a client’s website to.  By submitting the client’s website URL to these directories, it becomes easier for a client’s website to get a high rank when searched online.

4.  Sitemap creation and submission

By creating a technical system sitemap for client’s websites, we further enhance the standing of the client’s website when it is searched online.  This process typically includes implementation of site verification and submission to Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo.

5.  Content editing and SEO copywriting

Because keywords are an important aspect of the SEO process, we also follow a content editing and SEO copywriting process to advance the search results of a client’s website.  Content editing and SEO copywriting is used to incorporate desired keywords in the Home page section of the client’s website.  On top of creating home page write-ups for SEO purposes, we also offer content writing and editing services for two additional sections in the client’s website.  

6.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered as a major search engine optimization tool.  The Google Analytics services that we offer include setup of the domain within the Google Analytics network, sitemap submission for indexing, keywords checking, and configuration to analytics, testing and monitoring.  
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