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Resources > Web Help > Website: is it a worthy investment or an irrational expense?

Website: is it a worthy investment or an irrational expense?

Though many people can simply set up any website, maintaining it and making it actually work both as a marketing tool and as a “place” of business is rather pricey. For many e-entrepreneurs though, this expense is well worth it, especially when the benefits they see overshadow the initial output of resources.

For one thing, the company putting up the site can reach a greater number of potential customers – not just those within the radius of their vicinity, but also the potential market who may be living several time zones away. A website that is well put together is “open” 24 hours a day, and can be a useful tool to anyone who visits. And lastly, if you find putting up a website expensive already, think of how expensive conventional marketing strategies are. Imagine how much you have to pay for TV ads or radio ads or even a spot in the local dailies – and compare that with what little you offer to have a workable website. Lower costs for the distribution of information and media to a global audience is one of the unique benefits brought about by a website.

The interactive nature of a website, both in terms of providing instant response and eliciting responses, is a unique quality of the medium. Online marketing is sometimes considered to have a broader scope because it not only refers to digital media such as the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media.