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Resources > Web Help > Is a website a stand-alone or a supplementary marketing tool?

Is a website a stand-alone or a supplementary marketing tool?

The real issue here is that you can put up a website that can hold all vital information about your company and whatever product or service you are selling. If your site is great enough, and if you have the necessary software applications, referrals to your site can be created simply by asking your regular website visitors to provide you names and e-mail addresses of other Internet users who might want to look your site over.

This means that you have created a virtual space that serves as your company’s administrative center. Here, most, if not all important client information is stored, maintained and updated on a regular basis. Your company then relies heavily on databases, and these are the primary tool for your advertising campaign.

So yes, your website can be your actual place of business where the interaction between you and your client is made solely through e-mail exchanges, web conferencing and such. As such, it can be a stand-alone marketing tool.