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Resources > Web Help > What is the difference between E-commerce and E-business?

What is the difference between E-commerce and E-business?

After deciding to take your company in the worldwide web industry, there is still another element that you need to consider. It is the decision on whether the business would opt for e-commerce or e-business solutions. These two terms can often be used interchangeably but there is a huge difference.

E-business is mainly using the web and its other resources to conduct this business transaction. There are a lot of benefits of e-business that includes reducing cost of business, improving ROI, providing better service to your customer, and having an advantage over your competition. Transforming your business into an e-business is considered as a major step but it will definitely take your company to the next level.

E-commerce is a form of business transaction whether you are buying or selling a product or service.

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