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Resources > Web Help > Can a website sell my products?

Can a website sell my products?

If you plan on selling a product online, one of the main things you’ll want to focus on is learning how to create a search engine friendly website so people can find it. You don’t want your customers to confuse your website with other sites.  After all, no traffic means no sales and definitely no profits.

People get so concerned with how their website will look and how they are going to collect payments, setup their online shopping cart, etc.  These days that’s the easy part. Selling products with a website is not just about creating your online store and letting your website sit out in cyberspace expecting people to stumble upon your site and buy something. It also means marketing it as well. Your site should be able to create a buzz in the wide world of cyberspace in order for it to attract and lure in customers. The creation of a website alone is not enough you must be able to sustain a consistent marketing effort for it.