Webtogo New - Getting Started - Priorities dictate the SCOPE

Priorities dictate the SCOPE

Design ? Function ? or BOTH ? 



WebToGo listens to your needs, and we assess and rank them. Some would want design to be over function, or the other way around. Others would require for both elements. Whichever element is prioritized, we present the pros and cons and the cost of such implementation.


We then discuss the details of the project with you. The iterations in terms of scope will allow you and your management team to incorporate the website in your overall marketing and corporate strategies. The final results will determine the volume of human resources, timeline, type of lay-out, and budget.  


Sometimes, people get in the trap of determining the budget before their needs. This often leads to failed projects because of high expectations from a low cost budget website.  WebToGo don’t compromise the quality of work. We frugally use the resources that you present to us.


Now you won’t have to sacrifice the design with functionality or functionality with design. You can be able to have the best of both worlds and accomplish the result that you need.


WebToGo can determine the necessary steps that are vital to the effectiveness of your website. For you to get value for money, you can speak to one of our web specialists for a couple of minutes. He will help you know your web priorities. Get a Free Quotation now so that you can have an idea of what you are looking for.

Webtogo New - Getting Started - Priorities dictate the SCOPE