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September 6, 2009, 2:49pm

RP-based IT firm makes solution to website woes

Do you have problems making timely updates of your web content only to end up having to redesign your website altogether again and again?

"These are but examples of common website problems that result in lost business opportunities, forcing many companies to go looking almost endlessly for web developers who can provide the solution once and for all," said Arlyn Tiong Tan of Ivant Technologies Inc., a Filipino software firm with its own international brands of online services.

“The problem of incorrect or ineffective web design alone often emanates from a developer's lack of understanding and appreciation of the business objective of the owner. As a result, the web developer fails to translate this objective into a working medium that can effectively generate business, whether online or otherwise," Tan explained.

Usually, the technical structure, graphical design and content of the website are not aptly updated because there's no one to guide the owners on the online trends for operations and marketing for it to become truly effective. Even the simple content updating alone can become a lengthy technical process because of undue delays in the uploading of new information. Many firms outsource the job to individual web developers, thus requiring ample time for coordination even before the task can be started.

"Consequently, the frustration of the owner who is dismally discontented with his website compels him to resort to other more expensive mediums to make up for the slack," Tan added.

What most companies overlook, according to Tan, is the need to invest in an honest-to-goodness website by tapping an experienced provider.

"That's because the success of a website is based on, not just one aspect, but a set of factors that include content, function, design and accessibility," Tan stressed.

To put an end to the frustrations of many companies along this line, Ivant Technologies has come out with a "WebToGo", a brand of website development service that has produced more than 100 sites for local and international firms in various industry sectors.

Behind WebToGo is a complete Ivant team of experts who can provide technical and creative requirements, and website content and structure.

"This Ivant team supporting WebToGo serves as a one-stop shop complete with writers, photographers, programmers, and designers. As such, we can guarantee prompt and punctual delivery of the whole site, expand its functionalities, provide online marketing services and support, make content updates at a turnaround time of within 24 hours upon request, and align everything according to the owners' strategies and objectives to increase revenues," Tan explained.

"WebToGo can also be expanded to include other online business modules, including database management, online ordering, 'request for quote' and payment systems. We also offer maintenance packages to choose from like technical services and content services," Tan pointed out.

"Simply put, WebToGo creates websites that help our clients' businesses grow. We have the skills, tools, and a proven track record of producing the appropriate website for any business," Tan stressed.

The famous corporate websites created and designed by Ivant under its WebToGo brand include those of Boysen Paints, Nissan Car Rental, ICare, Zunic, NEC, and Subzero, among many others.

Ivant Technologies is also engaged in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) web applications, e-commerce deployment, and offline and online marketing integration consulting services.

With Internet users in the Philippines alone numbering more than nine million and growing fast, web marketing is increasingly becoming a very important and indispensable tool in doing business in today's globalizing economic environment.


Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/node/219362/rpba


Webtogo New - News - RP-based IT firm makes solution to website woes