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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should we use a customized design and not just a simple template?
Using a design template would fail to showcase your brand, image and value proposition. Most ready made design templates would limit the amount of changes you can make on the template’s design, and they would require that their name cannot be removed from the template. This way your potential clients would know that your company is simply using design template for its website.

2How does WebToGo’s websites differ from static sites?
Our setup allows the users to dynamically update the contents of their website, as opposed to static sites which can only be updated through HTML codes. Static sites are usually updated by the web developers themselves, which is time consuming, prone to errors and expensive. WebToGo provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface where text and images can be input by the user. This results in a site that is up-to-date, relevant and engaging.

3Why don’t you use Mambo or Joomla for the Website Editor?
There are free open source tools, like Mambo or Joomla, for use in a web server and which can be used to update the contents of a website. Although these are very powerful tools, they were not designed for non-technical users. Ease of use is not the strong points of these tools, so we at WebToGo came up with our our Website Editor geared towards non technical people.

4What is included in the setup fee?
The setup fee includes consultation, customized design, DNS setup, email account setup, integration into WebToGo’s backend, and website statistics. This is a one time fee.

5. Why do you have a monthly subscription charge?
The monthly subscription pays for the server hosting and the usage of internet bandwidth, which WebToGo also needs to purchase from data centers. This also allows us to provide clients with continuous development on the WebToGo backend system.

6. Can you help me because I need more sections, functionalities and features in my website?
We can tailor fit solutions to your business. We are here to provide the resources you need to make  the most of your web marketing efforts. 
WebtoGo can customize your website by adding sections, extra features, and database driven applications. We can provide you a customized package.

7. Is there a contract commitment or can I cancel at any time?
With WebToGo there are no contracts.  You pay by the month and you can cancel or change subscriptions for any of your websites at any time.

8. Can I switch plans ?
A subscriber can switch between plans, whether to lower or higher value plan once a year. However, some data can be lost during the plan switching. 

9. Can I run my WebToGo website on other servers? 
No.  WebToGo is only available as a web-based, hosted application. However we can tailor fit and customize a solution based on your requirements.

Webtogo New - All About Webtogo - Frequently Asked Questions