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How can you market your website?

The world used to be round but because of technology, it has flattened where only time differences limit our response time. The solution to the problem is the internet and your website. Your website is your online calling card and your marketing, PR and salesman. And mind you, it is accessible ,24/7 for anyone to see, but you need to make people know that you exist in the web. So how do you do it? 

Here are 3 practical tips to tell the world they can check you out in the web.

1) Have your url or domain name printed in your calling cards, packaging, letterheads, and brochures. 

2) Include your url  in the different media:  direct mail, press releases, classified ads and trade periodicals. You can reach the market which is not so tech savvy but uses these media   as the primary source of information. 

3) Have some reciprocal links with your complementary businesses, suppliers or clients. This is a very cost–effective way of inviting people to your site. Negotiate for a free link and repay by linking back to them. 

Here is a simple reminder : make sure your site represents your business. 

The touch and feel should give the client an idea of your company and offering.It should be cohesive to the general aesthetic of your company to avoid confusion. Would you want to leave an impression that your company is trust-worthy and your product has great value?  First impression lasts and you don’t want the first visit will be the last.

Webtogo New - Web Help - How can you market your website?