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How can you choose a domain name?

Having an identity online through is the first step to jump aboard the internet caravan. The user’s behavior in looking for companies on the web  will be your main consideration in choosing your name. Whether it’s long or short, hyphenated or not, with plurals or with net, or org, or country domain , as long as they can  easily remember, then you are sure that they will not travel to the wrong place.  

Sometimes, one domain name may not be enough because of the high incidence of misspellings. Thus, some would register two or three names at a time i.e. tickle.com, tickles.com  even if the brand name is only one of them. You don’t need a separate page for each. Several domains can point to the same website. 

Just a reminder, domain names can  only use letters, numbers and dashes. space and symbols are not allowed.

If you think that if you have found the right domain name, but you are not so sure if it’s the one, register it anyway before someone else’s does. There is this  segment of technopreneurs who are tagged as cybersquatters. They purchase domain names and resell them like as pricey as they can be – like ten of thousands of dollars at times. You would not want to be the victim because of delayed action.

WebToGo can help you check if your preferred domain name is still available and the existing options. Our friendly web specialists can also assist you in the registration of your desired domain name. Get one or several now before you run out of choices.

Webtogo New - Web Help - How can you choose a domain name?